Affirmative Action for Algorithms (AI, Machine Learning, Gender) Declaration launched

 Ciudadania Inteligente and women@thetable launched ‘<A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms’ platform along with the Affirmative Action for Algorithms (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Gender) Declaration. In the focus it has ‘women and girls and all their intersections and forms’ calling for women to be ‘influentially involved in all levels of decision-making before old norms and stereotypes are baked into the machine learning systems of the future’. The declaration is aimed at governments, private sector, and civil society. It consists of the following three main policy recommendations, which are accompanied with a set of Calls to Action each:

  1. Advocate for and adopt guidelines that establish accountability and transparency for algorithmic decision making (ADM) in both the public and private sectors. 

  2. Take clear proactive steps to include an intersectional variety and equal numbers of women and girls in the creation, design, and coding of ADM.

  3. International cooperation and an approach to ADM and machine learning grounded in human rights.