Belgium approves Astrid’s 5g network for emergency services

They are determined to develop a cutting-edge 5G-based communication system that ensures rapid, reliable, and secure communication.


Belgium’s Astrid, the telecom operator for emergency services, has received approval for a management contract with the State to develop a 5G network for emergency communication. This network aims to enhance data transmission for critical services. Astrid has been coordinating communication among various emergency agencies for 25 years and manages key control rooms.

A hybrid network approach will be used, combining commercial infrastructure with Astrid’s core network. This cost-effective method ensures control over security. Alongside the 5G radio network development, the new management contract also includes plans for next-generation emergency centres. These centres will leverage AI, sensors, social networks, and video feeds to bolster situational awareness for responders and field teams, leading to faster and more effective interventions.