Biden to set up task force to fight online harassment

CNBC reports the Biden-Harris administration plans to set up a task force which would create best practices and recommendations for governments, social media companies, schools, and other public and private organizations on containing online harassment. The site also states that online harassment, stalking and abuse disproportionately affects women and young people. It also includes the so-called revenge porn and deep fakes in relation to offline acts of aggression and mass shootings. ‘I think the task force could be very important because it’s very clear there is a lot of online disinformation and hate speech and we’ve seen how that’s been a significant way to harm women and vulnerable groups such as a children and minorities’, says Kathleen Carley, professor of computer science, engineering and public policy, Carnegie Mellon University. CNBS also notes that Internet experts have expressed their hope that the initiative will confront social networks like YouTube and Facebook about their enforcement practices.