Challenges women gig workers face in India related to digital

The Observer research foundation (ORF) published a ‘Gender and the GiG Economy: A qualitative study of Gig platforms for women workers’ report. The brief examines the existing problems women gig workers face, analyses the terms of use and privacy policies of some of the platforms they use in India, outlines the gaps which impede women’s inclusion in gig work as well as provides recommendations. Among most significant obstacles to women’s participation in gig work is unequal access to digital technologies. GSMA Mobile Gender Gap Report 2019 says that only 16% of women in India are mobile Internet users. This largely comes as a result of socio-cultural restrictions. In order to address this challenge, some platforms offer their own devices. Digital literacy remains another big challenge among women, despite government’s efforts with initiatives such as “Digital India”. Digital education, skills training, and the removal of barriers of accessibility reman imperatives. There are no legislation or institutions to comprehensively regulate digital platforms in India. As a protective measure, digital platforms must both create a safer network of service providers and users as well as include ‘workplace harassment’ in their dispute categories.