China to accelerate IPv6 deployment

China’s Cyberspace Administration has revealed a plan for massive deployment of internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) across the country. One of the goals is for China to have 700 million active IPv6 users by 2023, as well as 200 million internet of things (IoT) devices using the advanced protocol. Other targets set for 2023 include: (a) home wireless routers to enable and fully support IPv6 by default, and 30% of them to use the protocol; (b) half of the mobile traffic to be via IPv6; (c) 15% of the metropolitan area network traffic to be routed by IPv6. Moreover, new networks will no longer be allowed to use IPv4 by the end of 2023. Goals for 2025 include (a) 800 million IPv6 users; (4) 400 million IoT devices using IPv6; (c) 70% of the mobile traffic to run on the protocol; (d) 15% of the metropolitan area network traffic routed by IPv6; (e) half of the home wireless routers to use IPv6; (f) 95% of major commercial websites and mobile internet applications to offer IPv6 support. The plan also details a series of research and industry development activities to help achieve these goals, as well as a requirement for private enterprise to ensure that their products and services run on IPv6.