Connect Rwanda provides over 31 000 smartphones for unconnected

In December 2019, in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT and Innovation, MTN Rwanda launched the Connect Rwanda campaign to mobilise people to contribute to providing smartphones to Rwandans who cannot afford them. The campaign, which is planned to run until June 2020, managed to collect more than 31 000 smartphones so far. Twelve programmes will be installed on the phones including the e-government service portal Irembo, bank services, health services, education, paying for fertilisers using the Smart Nkunganire system, and weather-related information. Minister of Information and Communications Technology and Innovation, Paula Ingabire highlighted ‘We want to focus on training, sensitisation and awareness so that Rwandans who will be given these phones understand the value of such phones beyond making calls and sending text messages,’.. Therefore, the beneficiaries of these smartphones will be the first and second ubudehe categories which comprise the neediest Rwandans.