Digital rights groups question UK NHS over health data sharing with tech companies

A coalition of digital rights advocates urged the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) to answer questions about its plan to build a COVID-19 datastore with companies like Palantir, Faculty, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. In March, the NHS announced a new plan to build a datastore that aggregates COVID-19 health data, with the assistance of Microsoft, Google, Palantir, Faculty, and Amazon.The questions sent by the coalition include: 1) What problems does the NHS aim to solve by building the datastore? 2) What agreements are in place with the private companies? 3) What is the value of the contract with each private partner? 4) Will the private companies be able to use the product from the agreement with the NHS to improve future products provided by private companies? 5) Who has control over the data in these public-private partnerships?