Executive Vice-President Vestager stressed the need for close cooperation among competition authorities under the Digital Markets Act

Executive Vice-President Vestager highlighted the importance of cooperation among competition authorities for the Digital Markets Act during her speech at the International Competition Network conference. The Act focuses on regulating online platforms, particularly addressing unfair practices by “gatekeepers,” and is expected to come into effect in Spring 2023. Vestager emphasized the need for both internal restructuring within the Commission and close collaboration with competition authorities globally, as other jurisdictions like Germany and South Korea also introduce digital regulations for online platforms.

In her speech to the International Competition Network (ICN) 2022 Berlin conference, Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager spoke about the preparation the Commission is under right now for the pending Digital Markets Act (DMA). Foreseen to enter into force in Spring 2023, the DMA regulates competition and antitrust issues of online platforms, especially tackling the unfair practices of “gatekeepers.” The Commission is setting up new structures by “pooling resources from DG Comp (Directorate-General of Competition) and Cnect (Directorate-General for Communications) based on relevant experience.” Apart from building internal capacities, Vestager also stressed the importance of close cooperation with competition authorities inside and outside of the European Union. Germany, South Korea, and other jurisdictions are introducing respective digital regulations for online platforms. The DMA is as much about internal coordination as external collaboration.

Source: The European Commission