Final outcome document of the IGF 2015 Best Practice Forum on creating an enabling environment for IPv6 adoption

Throughout 2015, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) community worked on a number of best practice forums, as part of its overall efforts to ensure that the IGF has more tangible outputs. One of these best practice forum looked at modalities for ‘creating an enabling environment for IPv6 adoption’ and it resulted in an outcome document that was finalised after the tenth IGF meeting held on 10-13 November, in Brazil. The document outlines, among others, that ‘capacity building on IPv6, both in terms of technical training for engineers and operators, and awareness for non-technical policymakers, law enforcement, and business decision-makers, is fundamental to creating an enabling environment for IPv6 adoption.’  The document also includes examples of different approaches for national IPv6 deployment strategies, ‘from working with the private sector on pilot projects that showcase best practices for the benefit of all (Saudi Arabia), to organizing a national IPv6 launch with IPv6-ready groups (Finland), to creating a national IPv6 mandate across the public and private sectors (India)’.