Five tech trends to focus on in 2020: Deloitte

Deloitte’s 11th annual report on technology trends captures the intersection of digital technologies, human experiences, and increasingly sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence technologies in the modern enterprise. The report explores digital twins, the new role technology architects play in business outcomes, and effective computer-driven ‘human experience platforms’ that are redefining the way humans and machines interact.

‘The most successful businesses today are combining cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and IoT with disruptive IT architecture and supercharged talent to create entirely new ways of working – and they already see the benefits,’ said the Lead Partner for Enterprise Technology and Performance, Deloitte Middle East, Bhavesh Morar.

Enterprises in the Middle East are no longer satisfied with being regional leaders – now their ambition is to go global and lead globally. There is a growing interest in looking beyond what is new to what is next, according to Morar.