Google partners with the Nigerian government to train youth in digital skills and create jobs

Backed by a philanthropic grant and strategic partnerships with entities such as Data Science Nigeria and the Creative Industry Initiative for Africa, this program seeks to equip the country’s young population with essential skills and open doors to digital employment opportunities.

Elementary school children using digital tablet in classroom, Education.

In a promising collaboration, Google has unveiled plans to train 20,000 Nigerian women and young individuals in essential digital skills while also providing a grant of 1.2 billion nairas ($1.6 million) to bolster the Nigerian government’s initiative to generate one million digital jobs.

Vice President Kashim Shettima of Nigeria expressed his appreciation for the alignment between Google’s endeavor and the government’s commitment to expanding youth participation in the digital economy. This joint effort, facilitated by a philanthropic grant and partnerships with organizations like Data Science Nigeria and the Creative Industry Initiative for Africa, aims to empower the country’s youth and catalyze employment opportunities in the thriving digital landscape.

Why does it matter?

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into various industries, possessing digital skills is becoming a prerequisite for meaningful participation in the workforce. The collaborative efforts of public-private partnerships serve as a potent catalyst to address this challenge, combining private corporations’ technological prowess and resources with the strategic policy direction and expansive influence of government entities.