GSMA and its partners developed a toolkit to promote equitable mobile-enabled humanitarian interventions

Aiming at providing a better evidence-based approach that underpins the recipients of humanitarian assistance, GSMA, REACH, and the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) produced the Connectivity, Needs, and Usage Assessment (CoNUA) Toolkit. It was developed by a technical committee composed of experts from different humanitarian agencies to bring their respective knowledge in the use of mobile technology and in the assessment of humanitarian settings. The toolkit provides tools to help users understand mobile phone access, usage, preferences, and digital skills amongst populations of concern. To this aim, CoNUA users can use the tools provided to conduct new assessments, or take some of the tools and integrate them into assessments already being conducted:

  • Broad assessments to help understand how communities access and use mobile technology
  • Assessments to understand the use of mobile money for cash programming
  • Assessments to establish how mobile technology might be used for communicating with communities
  • Assessments linked to mobile enabled services, such as pay as you go energy services

To this purpose, the toolkit provides eight tools with accompanying guidance for each. The tools are currently made available in both English and Arabic and are planned to be available in more languages soon.