Huawei launches AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 and CloudCampus solutions in the Middle East

During the Huawei Middle East Digital Transformation Webinar 2020, Huawei kicked off the new series AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 and the Huawei CloudCampus solution in the Middle East, aiming at transforming enterprise campus networks. ‘Digital technologies are reshaping the world around us and it is more important than ever before to implement the latest solutions to ensure continued and reliable connectivity. Campuses are the cornerstone of a digital world, where most of the innovation takes place. With the new products and solutions launched today, Huawei aims to satisfy customer needs for high-speed, fully wireless, and intelligent networks that will accelerate the digital transformation of enterprise campuses,’ noted Alaa ElShimy from MD & SVP, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Middle East.

Huawei CloudCampus solution builds next-generation campus networks:

  • Huawei introduces 5G RF technologies, 5G algorithms such as multi-system co-scheduling, Smart Antenna, and software-defined radio access networks, and 5G networking concepts into the IP field;
  • the Campus OptiX network solution enables fully optical campus network connections through an IP plus POL architecture; and
  • the Huawei Horizon Digital Platform upgrades campus services from traditional single-scenario intelligence to overall campus intelligence.