Kuwait advocates for global cooperation on contemporary challenges

Kuwait’s Prime Minister emphasizes global cooperation on contemporary issues like climate change and terrorism at the UN General Assembly. They advocate for peace, justice, and sustainability, aiming for carbon neutrality in the oil sector by 2050. Kuwait promotes international partnerships for a world free of poverty and resilient to climate change.

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Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the Prime Minister of Kuwait, delivered a speech during the general debate of the seventy-eighth session of the General Assembly. Kuwait’s approach combines strategic diplomacy, passionate promotion of peace and justice, and an unwavering dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable development objectives. Their position on these critical matters offers valuable insights into their global diplomacy and climate sustainability initiatives.

Kuwait is actively advocating for international cooperation to confront a myriad of contemporary issues, which include the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), countering terrorism, addressing global poverty, tackling climate change, and safeguarding against cybersecurity threats. Kuwait firmly believes in crafting a solid global partnership which can effectuate peace, justice, and strong institutions; these are pivotal requisites for realising a world devoid of poverty and resilient to climate change.

In line with its commitment to the UN sustainable development goals, Kuwait is demonstrating an unwavering dedication towards environmental conservation. The nation harbours ambitious plans to achieve carbon neutrality within its oil sector by 2050, marking a monumental stride in a nation whose economy heavily depends on fossil fuels. Recognising their crucial role and responsibility in minimising the carbon footprint, they are striving towards providing affordable and clean energy, which supports climate action on a global scale.

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