Leading AI tools amass 24 Billion visits in 12 Months

The AI industry experienced exponential growth, with ChatGPT leading as the most visited AI tool.

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The AI industry has been on a rapid upward trajectory, witnessing a remarkable surge in usage and engagement over the past year. A comprehensive analysis of the top 50 AI tools revealed an astonishing collective traffic of over 24 billion visits from September 2022 to August 2023. Among these tools, ChatGPT emerged as the leader, commanding a staggering 14 billion visits, representing a substantial 60% of the total traffic within this period.

This data stems from a research study conducted by Writerbuddy, shedding light on the burgeoning growth and impact of AI tools. The findings showcased an average monthly visitation of 2 billion to AI platforms over the past year. However, the most recent six months saw a significant spike, catapulting the monthly visits to a remarkable 3.3 billion, marking a substantial 10.7x growth rate for the 50 analyzed AI tools.

Categorically, these top AI tools were segmented into distinct areas, encompassing Image Generators, AI Chatbots, and AI Writing Generators, elucidating the diverse spectrum of AI tool utilization in various domains.

Moreover, the research provided valuable insights into user behaviour, particularly focusing on ChatGPT. The report highlighted its popularity in key regions such as the United States, India, and Brazil, indicating a widespread global reach. Additionally, it revealed that the preferred mode of access to these AI tools was predominantly through mobile devices, underlining the convenience and accessibility offered by these platforms.

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