NIST publishes a summary of its IoT roundtables discussions

Following the publication of four IoT cybersecurity draft documents, NIST conducted a series of roundtable discussions focused on draft NISTIR 8259B, IoT Non-Technical Supporting Capability Core Baseline. These were the main feedbacks from those discussions: (1) General support for NISTIR 8259B non-technical supporting capabilities. (2) Improving consumer security awareness. (3) IoT product owners should have vulnerability and patching Information. (4) Incorporating secure device re-provisioning or device retirement. (5) A need for a centralized reporting facility for customers. (6) Creating structured IoT documentation. (7) Possible role for third parties in education and awareness. (8) Manufacturers need to improve their handling of customer Input. (9) Supply chain information should be gathered by the shipping manufacturer. (10) Enhanced security could be a market advantage.