Quantum Computing used to revolutionize flood prediction

Multiverse Computing is joining forces with Oxford Quantum Circuits and Moody’s Analytics to revolutionize flood prediction using quantum technology.


Multiverse Computing, a quantum software firm, is tackling the growing issue of catastrophic floods driven by climate change with cutting-edge technology. With funding of £100,056 from Innovate UK, this Spanish startup is partnering with Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) and Moody’s Analytics to improve flood risk assessment using quantum technology. Sergio Gago, Moody’s Managing Director of Quantum and GenAI, perceives the rise of quantum computing as an avenue for progress, especially in the realm of quantum machine learning (QML) for emulators. The project has been selected for Phase 1 of the Quantum Catalyst Fund competition, supported by Innovate UK. If it progresses successfully, it will advance to Phase 2 next year, with a budget of £1.2mn. The UK Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs is set to be the initial adopter of this solution, given the significant yearly losses incurred by the UK due to inland flooding, which surpasses £700 million.

Why does this matter?

The utilization of advanced technologies like AI and quantum computing is becoming increasingly essential in mitigating the impacts of climate-induced floods. Existing flood modelling techniques are constrained by the considerable computational expenses associated with simulating extensive areas at high resolution. Multiverse Computing aims to leverage quantum computing to surmount these challenges and create more precise and efficient flood prediction models.