Research concludes that free internet access should be a basic human right 

new research has found that having access to the Internet should be considered a basic human right, as people who are unable to get online lack the means to engage meaningfully on issues that affect their daily lives.

Dr. Merten Reglitz, Lecturer in Global Ethics at the University of Birmingham who led the research, commented on the findings by saying that “Internet access is no luxury, but instead a moral human right and everyone should have unmonitored and uncensored access to this global medium – provided free of charge for those unable to afford it.”

Narrowing down to people in developing countries, Dr. Reglitz said that a lot of political engagements all over the world are taking place online. He said for instance basic rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of information and freedom of assembly is being expressed online. This calls for access to the Internet, even if free of charge so citizens can assert their rights and keep governments accountable.