Singapore deploys chatbot to monitor migrants’ health

According to a report, the National University Health System (NUHS) of Singapore partnered with the artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare start-up Bot MD to develop a AI-powered chatbot  that is being deployed in migrant worker dormitories in Singapore. The technology allows doctors to monitor the workers’ health in real time, and respond quickly when necessary. 


The NUHS stated that a significant number of migrant workers infected with the Coronavirus remain housed in dormitories, notwithstanding that the country has expanded isolation facilities. Medical care facilities in these dormitories are only open during certain hours of the day. The bot sends notifications through messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, to infected residents in the dorms to monitor their temperature, heart rate, and oxygen levels. The bot also notifies NUHS clinicians of any irregularity in reported vital signs, allowing them to intervene promptly.