South Korea pushes for right to be forgotten for Minors

South Korea aims to grant minors the right to be forgotten, allowing them to request the removal of personal information uploaded online without their consent. This initiative is part of a proposed law amendment by government agencies, expected to be finalized by 2024 following a pilot program.

The government of South Korea has announced that it plans to push for a law that will allow minors the right to be forgotten

As per the existing personal information protection law,any person including a minor  can request the removal of their personal information online if they have uploaded it themselves and not by a third person. However, the Personal Information Protection Commission and government ministries, minors are now proposing through this  law  to  give minors  the right to have their personal information removed or hidden from the internet which had been uploaded by parents and friends without their consent.

The government plans to  run a pilot on the same before enacting it into law by 2024,