Spotify announces plan to tackle misinformation after Joe Rogan’s Controversy

In a recent episode of his podcast Joe Rogan interviewed Robert Malone, vaccine skeptic who promotes vaccine misinformation and had been previously banned from Twitter. Rogan currently hosts Spotify’s most popular podcast, and so the spread of misinformation on his show proved highly controversial, especially given its large audience. The news reached famous musicians who have their music on Spotify and many in the music industry harshly criticized the platform. Neil Young and Joni Mitchell even decided to pull their music off Spotify. After the scandal in which Spotify lost more than US$2bn in market value,  the CEO of the company, Daniel Ek, released an official statement setting out the streaming platform’s plan to tackle misinformation. The plan includes redirecting listeners of any podcast that discusses coronavirus to a dedicated website that provides easy access to data-driven facts. The plan, however, has already been scrutinized for falling short.