The IoT Readiness Act was presented at the US congress

The IoT Readiness Act introduced by Congresswoman Suzan DelBene focuses on preparing the US for IoT expansion, critical for 5G-connected devices. To prevent network overload, the Act calls for data collection by the FCC to assess current spectrum supply, ensuring future IoT demands are met.

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene has introduced the Internet of Things (IoT) Readiness Act to the US Congress. The Act aims to prepare the United States for the continued growth of IoT and smart devices that rely on 5G networks, as IoT devices require a significant 5G spectrum capacity to transmit data. If the available capacity cannot accommodate all the devices in the same area, the finite resource of 5G spectrum can become overwhelmed, causing the devices to fail.

According to the Act, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will collect and provide Congress with the data needed to be prepared for the continued growth of IoT and its connectivity needs. The legislation requires the FCC to assess the current spectrum supply and determine how much is necessary to meet the demands of IoT growth in the future. The purpose of the provisions concerning the FCC is to ensure that sufficient data is available to enable proactive spectrum plans that support the growth of IoT technology.