U.S government suspends activities of the recently launched Disinformation Governance Board.

The U.S. government suspends activities of Disinformation Governance Board led by Nina Jankowicz, amid controversy over its creation likened to a “Ministry of Truth” by right-wing figures, prompting Jankowicz’s resignation. Future of the board remains uncertain.

Three weeks after its launch, the U.S. government suspended the activities of its Disinformation Governance Board. The interagency team was meant to coordinate department activities related to disinformation and Nina Jankowicz was appointed to lead the new Board. Her appointment received strong criticism from Republicans and right wing media. Quickly after Jankowicz announcement on Twitter, far-right influencer Jack Posobiec posted tweets accusing the Biden administration of creating a “Ministry of Truth”, resulting in personal attacks on Jankowicz. After the scandal, Jankowicz presented her resignation and the board was suspended. The future of the board is still uncertain.