UK government and Post Office partner to improve access to online services

As part of the collaboration, an in-person service will be introduced to help individuals with lower digital skills verify their identity for the One Login programme.

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The UK government’s Cabinet Office has partnered with the Post Office to improve access to online government services. This collaboration aims to support individuals with lower digital skills in verifying their identity through an in-person service for the One Login program.

The in-person service will be provided at Post Office branches, allowing individuals to visit their local branch and verify their identity. It is estimated that most people in the UK will be within 10 miles of a Post Office branch that offers this identity verification service.

Currently being rolled out by the government, the One Login program simplifies access to various government services by providing users with a single account, username, password, and identity check. Services that can be accessed through One Login include self-assessment tax returns, DBS checks, and pension credit applications. To set up a One Login account, individuals must complete a few basic steps online, including providing an email address and a mobile phone number. Smartphone users with photo IDs can also use the GOV.UK One Login identity checking app or browser journey for identity verification.

Why does it matter?

The collaboration between the Cabinet and Post Office is part of a broader plan to make online government services more accessible, particularly for individuals with lower digital skills. By offering in-person identity verification services, the partnership aims to ensure that no one is left behind in an increasingly digital world. The successful implementation of GOV.UK One Login has already seen over 2.2 million users prove their identity to access services.