UK MPs say urgent action needed to address AI risks

UK MPs urgently call for government action to address AI’s risks to national security, societal biases, and public safety while emphasising the need for swift regulations to position the UK as an AI governance leader.

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UK MPs have urged the government to urgently address the risks associated with AI to preserve public safety and trust in the technology. The Science, Innovation and Technology Committee (SITC) has identified a range of concerns, including AI’s potential threat to national security and its perpetuation of societal biases.

While acknowledging the opportunities AI offers, the Committee stresses the need to protect established rights and confront the risks posed by the technology. Overcoming these challenges is essential not only for public safety but also for positioning the UK as a leader in AI governance.

To address these concerns, the SITC launched an inquiry in October to determine the necessary regulations for AI, scrutinizing its impact on society and the economy.

The committee stressed that all these risks should be addressed together, and legislation should be presented to Parliament promptly to prevent the UK from falling behind other nations. The SITC plans to publish its final recommendations on AI policy.

The SITC has identified 12 major challenges in its report related to AI regulation, encompassing issues of bias, privacy, misrepresentation, limited access to data and computing power, transparency, intellectual property, liability, job disruption, international coordination, and existential threats. The committee stresses that these challenges must be addressed collectively.

Further, the SITC cautions against delays in enacting AI legislation, as this may lead to the UK falling behind other jurisdictions like the US and the EU. The committee emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to AI governance and calls for government action. The government has committed to harnessing AI’s potential safely and responsibly, hosting the world’s first major global summit on AI safety in November.