Understanding Silicon Valley: A Discovery Operating System

This article forwards a few thought-provoking ideas by trying to answer the question why Singapore is not as successful as Silicon Valley (SV) in digital innovation.

It points to a few very valid points including:

  • the power of creative networks in SV, ‘right to failure’, etc.
  • risk of ‘predictable societies’ which interpret life ‘linearity’ from education to marriage and social prestige as ‘given’.

What undergirds Silicon Valley’s networks is a sense of respect for individual contributors — treating them not according to their position in a company hierarchy or their previous educational qualifications but as individuals holding tremendous drive and potential. 

The author is too optimistic about ‘the end of geography’ as COVID-19 may trigger with decentralisation of work, entertainment and overall social life.

This article was published as part of the book “America: A Singapore Perspective” edited by Tommy Koh and Daljit Singh. The full book can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/America-Singapore-Perspective-29-Writers-ebook/dp/B09MTR2CDK Koh Shiyan and Karen Tay Chances are, you can access this article from a smartphone right now: a device that was […]

Singapore cannot afford the full extent of these downsides. Silicon Valley is a sliver of America, while Singapore is a country which must cater for a diversity of skills and aspirations, life stages and needs.

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