US Science and Technology Directorate issues an update about smart city project

The United States Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) published an update on the progress of the SCIRA (Smart City Interoperability Reference Architecture) exercise pilot. SCIRA aims to promote the integration and operability of IT systems within cities, to assess smart-city technology solutions, and to develop common standards adapted to the needs of various jurisdictions. St. Louis, Missouri, was chosen as the first city to take part in the SCIRA exercise pilot. The objective of the pilot was to examine smart-city capabilities in five areas: (1) situational awareness for emergency managers; (2) Computer Aided Dispatch for emergency response; (3) dynamic routing for emergency response around obstructions; (4) agility for workforce mobility tasking/re-tasking; and (5) in-building navigation for first responders. To do so, five typical emergency cases were simulated: river monitoring, flash flooding, assisting vulnerable populations, building fire, and vehicle accidents. The pilot examined how smart city technologies can assist local stakeholders in responding to these scenarios.