12 Jul 2024

UN Cybercrime Convention: Will states give in disagreements for the sake of a global common threat?

As the concluding session of the UN process to negotiate a cybercrime convention approaches, Diplo invited several experts representing different stakeholder groups to discuss past failures, disagreements, and expectations for the final round of UN negotiations.

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14 Jun 2024

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with the chatbot, and the word was the chatbot

Given the profound importance of language and its various disciplines in technological developments, it is crucial to consider how chatbots function as products of advanced technology. Specifically, it contributes to understanding how chatbots learn through algorithmic cognition and how they effectively and accurately respond to diverse user queries reflecting their systems in linguistics studies.

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27 May 2024

The intellectual property saga: approaches for balancing AI advancements and IP protection |Part 3

In continuing the three-part series on AI’s influence on intellectual property (IP), this final part will touch upon the approaches being applied to safeguard IP in the AI Age.

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22 May 2024

TikTok, a threat or a victim of complicated cyber-diplomatic relationships?

The TikTok legal saga highlights the complex interplay between technology, law, and geopolitics. As digital sovereignty and data privacy become increasingly important, the outcome of TikTok’s legal battles will have significant implications for the global tech industry.

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9 May 2024

Tech titans clash: Inside the US-China battle for chip market dominance

The ongoing ‘tech war’ between the US and China is reshaping global relationships and supply chains. In this analysis, we’ll dive deeper into the high-stakes competition for dominance in chip manufacturing, and uncover the strategies and implications driving this geopolitical showdown.

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29 Apr 2024

UN AI resolution a significant global effort to harness AI for sustainable development 

The UN adopted its first, ground-breaking, resolution on AI on 21 March, calling on member states to ensure that ‘safe, secure, and trustworthy AI systems’ are developed responsibly and are respectful of human rights and international law.

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16 Apr 2024

Digital dominance in the 2024 elections

Digital technologies, particularly AI, have been integral to all stages of the electoral process for several years now. What distinguishes the current landscape is their unprecedented scale and impact.

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3 Apr 2024

(Jail) time ahead for the cryptocurrency industry 

These particular developments can be seen as a desire of regulators worldwide to set legal practice around the new class of digital assets, and send a message to the ever-growing base of consumers of such products that they will be protected while entering this new arena.

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28 Mar 2024

OEWG’s seventh substantive session: the highlights

The UN Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) on security of and in the use of information and communications technologies 2021–2025 held its seventh substantive session in March 2024. The group discussed threats, norms, international law, confidence building measures, capacity building, and regular institutional dialogue.

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7 Mar 2024

Decision postponed on the Cybercrime Convention: What you should know about the latest session of the UN negotiations

The concluding session of the Ad Hoc Committee on Cybercrime ended but consensus to draft a cybercrime convention has not been reached. Therefore, it was decided that an additional session will be held. In the meantime, where have states not agreed and why?

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