26 Aug 2024 - 30 Aug 2024

2024 GGE on lethal autonomous weapons systems | Second session

The 2024 GGE meeting on lethal autonomous weapons systems, following the guidelines established in 2023, aims to develop a consensus on elements for an instrument to address emerging technologies in this field. The session runs from August 26 to 30 and will consider existing protocols, proposals, and normative frameworks. Expertise in legal, military, and technological aspects will be crucial. For further details, check the dedicated webpage.

22 Sep 2024 - 23 Sep 2024

Summit of the Future 2024

The Summit of the Future 2024 aims to create a new global consensus for a better future, emphasizing multilateral solutions. It will bring together diverse stakeholders to address institutional reforms, establish a Special Envoy for Future Generations, and agree on an action-oriented Outcome Document. This event presents a unique opportunity to enhance global governance and develop frameworks of multilateralism suitable for upcoming generations. For more details, visit the dedicated web page.

14 Oct 2024


ITU’s Fifth Global Standards Symposium (ITUGSS 2024) in New Delhi on October 14, 2024, chaired by Dr. Raj Kumar Upadhyay, will focus on “Charting the Next Digital Wave: Emerging Technologies, Innovation, and International Standards.” This event encourages discussion and coordination among both members and non-members to address global digital challenges.

15 Oct 2024 - 24 Oct 2024


The ITU World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly 2024 (WTSA24) is scheduled for October 15-24, 2024, in New Delhi, India. Regional meetings organized by telecommunication organizations will be held in preparation for the event, focusing on setting the study agenda. More details can be found on the organizer’s website.

18 Nov 2024 - 19 Nov 2024

G20 Leaders’ Summit 2024

The G20 Leaders’ Summit 2024 will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on November 18 and 19. Brazil holds the Presidency from December 2023 to November 2024. The Summit aims to address priorities like combating hunger, poverty, and inequality, sustainable development, and international governance reform under the theme “Building a just world and a sustainable planet.

2 Dec 2024 - 6 Dec 2024

UN OEWG 2021-2025 9th substantive session

The 9th substantive session of the UN OEWG 2021-2025 will focus on threats to information security and developing responsible state behavior.

15 Dec 2024 - 19 Dec 2024

Internet Governance Forum 2024

The 19th annual Internet Governance Forum will be hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh on 15-19 December 2024. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit thematic inputs by January 31, 2024, to assist in planning the event. The forum gathers participants from various sectors to discuss internet-related topics and shape the digital environment.