Have you ever wondered how the internet works? What kind of technology is needed to keep it running smoothly? Discover the essential components of digital infrastructure that help all run smoothly.

The Infrastructure basket includes three areas concerned with the internet’s core functionality. These are:

  • The telecommunications infrastructure that facilitates digital communication, including under-sea fibre optic cables and powerline communications;
  • Technical issues related to digital standards (technical, web, and mobile standards), and
  • Critical internet resources (internet protocol (IP) numbers, the domain name system (DNS), and the root zone);

Critical internet resources

Do you ever wonder about the critical resources that keep the internet running smoothly? From domain names and IP addresses to root servers and internet exchange points, these resources are vital in connecting users worldwide. On this topic page, we explore some of the key concepts and issues related to critical internet resources....

Digital standards

What are digital standards, and why do they matter? Digital standards are guidelines that define how digital technologies and services should operate. They cover many areas, from technical specifications for hardware and software to best practices for data protection and cybersecurity. Standards matter because they help ensure that different devices and services work together seamlessly. For example, if you buy a new printer for your home office, you want to be confident that it will communicate with your computer and other devices. ...

Net neutrality and zero-rating

What is network neutrality? At its core, network neutrality is the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally. This means that internet service providers (ISPs) should not be allowed to discriminate against certain types of traffic or charge different rates for different kinds of content. For example, ISPs should not be able to block or slow down access to websites or services that compete with their offerings....

Telecommunications infrastructure

Are you curious about the policy and governance issues surrounding digital infrastructure? Who sets the rules for how it's built and maintained? What regulatory frameworks are needed to ensure everyone benefits from this vital resource? Visit our dedicated topic page for answers and more!...