Just in time reporting initiatives

The global digital policy calendar is rich with conferences, public meetings, high-level meetings, and other discussions that shape the policy process.

The Digital Watch observatory has been reporting from digital policy discussions since 2015, with the aim of helping stakeholders follow the parallel debates, understand current and emerging issues, and explore the topics in more depth. The reporting initiatives also help bridge existing gaps in stakeholder participation, and overcome barriers created by policy silos. The observatory provides just-in-time reports from select major events (such as the Internet Governance Forum), and other regional or national events. A team of 50 expert curators and rapporteurs, data analysts, editors, and multimedia specialists is behind the Digital Watch reporting initiatives.

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Is Switzerland losing its status as a leader in digital governance?

Geneva, the birthplace of the World Wide Web and once a beacon to digital governance, is seeing its light grow dim. Faced with stiff global competition, budgetary constraints in the aftermath of Covid, and geopolitical tensions, the multilateral capital is struggling to maintain its position in the field. 

UN OEWG 2021-2025 8th substantive session

The UN OEWG 2021-2025 8th substantive session will focus on threats to information security, confidence-building measures, and responsible behavior of states in the context of international security.

EuroDIG 2024

EuroDIG 2024 will occur in Vilnius, Lithuania from June 17–19. The conference is a multistakeholder platform created in 2008 to discuss internet governance annually in various European cities

AI for Good Global Summit 2024

The AI for Good Global Summit will be held on May 30-31, 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland. This event, part of the AI for Good platform, will focus on identifying practical AI applications to advance the SDGs globally. Participants can expect interactive stages with keynote speakers, cutting-edge AI solutions, and more. The AI for Good platform offers year-round digital sessions to foster collaboration and ensure inclusive technology development. Visit the dedicated page for details on this initiative and upcoming sessions.

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)+20 Forum High-Level Event

The WSIS+20 Forum High-Level Event, part of the World Summit on the Information Society, will be held in May 2024. It aims to review progress related to information and knowledge societies, share best practices, and build partnerships. Participation from all stakeholders is encouraged, including contributions to the open consultation process. The event seeks to address gaps in implementing the Geneva Plan of Action and the Action Lines, with a focus on fostering collaboration and identifying emerging trends. Visit the dedicated web page for more details.

Global Supply Chain Forum 2024

UNCTAD and the Government of Barbados collaborate to host the inaugural Global Supply Chain Forum at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Global roundtable on ICT security capacity-building

The Chair of the Open-ended Working Group on security of and in the use of ICTs 2021-2025 (OEWG) is convening a dedicated Global Roundtable on ICT security capacity-building, as the OEWG agreed in its second Annual Progress Report. This roundtable aims to bring together practitioners, state representatives, and stakeholders to enhance international efforts on capacity-building. (See more)

The NETmundial+10

The NETmundial+10 meeting in São Paulo, Brazil on 29-30 April 2024 will address global digital governance challenges, focusing on the internet’s impact on various aspects. Objectives include reviewing commitments, discussing multistakeholderism, democratizing the digital economy, bridging divides, and building an information society. The event aims to update the digital agenda, leveraging Brazil’s leadership position and upcoming G20 presidency. It will bring together a global network to shape internet governance, deliver concrete outputs, and contribute to ongoing discussions like the Summit of the Future and +20 review process. Visit the dedicated webpage for more information.

Cybersecurity risks in social media: Remedies and solutions

In the digital age, social media platforms have become integral parts of daily life, facilitating communication, networking, and information sharing on a global scale. However, alongside the benefits, these platforms also pose significant cybersecurity risks, ranging from privacy breaches and data theft to identity fraud and cyberbullying. To address these challenges effectively, it is crucial (See more)

UN OEWG 2021-2025 7th substantive session

The UN OEWG 2021-2025 will have its 7th substantive session from March 4-8, 2024, focusing on information and communications technologies security. Delegates will discuss potential threats, implementation of norms, scenario-based discussions, and additional global cyber security cooperation measures. The group aims to develop responsible state behavior norms, implement them, and potentially establish a regular institutional dialogue. All UN member states interested can participate in the group’s activities. More details can be found on the dedicated page.