GIP Digital Watch

Participating in Internet governance can be a daunting experience, due to its decentralised nature, diverse participants, and parallel processes. The main challenge is to provide a global space where citizens and officials can seek related information and become informed stakeholders on issues they care about.

To address this challenge, the GIP Digital Watch initiative provides a solution for practitioners of Internet governance and digital policy, especially diplomats working in the field, and communities from developing countries. The project is operated by the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP), operated by DiploFoundation.

Three pillars form part of the GIP Digital Watch initiative:

  1. The GIP Digital Watch observatory, operated by the DiploFoundation in partnership with the Internet Society. The observatory – at – provides a neutral one-stop shop for live developments, overviews and explanatory texts, events, resources, and other content related to Internet governance and digital policy. The platform draws from the strengths of its partners’ assets: the resources DiploFoundation has developed over the last 15 years, the GIP’s international reach, and the Internet Society’s network of Chapters that will help shape localised content. Learn more about the platform.
  2. The Geneva Digital Watch newsletter, a monthly newsletter which includes round-up of developments, interviews with prominent IG experts, and articles on various digital policy areas. Learn more about the newsletters, access the archive, and download the latest issue.
  3. Monthly GIP briefings on Internet governance in Geneva and online, which take place every last Tuesday of the month. As of 2016, local hubs are being established worldwide with the aim of encouraging sustainable discussions in local communities, and to share regional perspectives during the monthly briefings. The next briefing will take place on Tuesday, 31st May 2016 (registrations are now open). Learn more about the GIP briefings and how to set up a local hub, and access the archive.

Updates from GIP Digital Watch

10 May 2016: Our team of rapporteurs provided live updates and just-in-time session reports from the WSIS Forum 2016. Download the final WSIS Forum Report for the insights, thematic summaries, highlights, and more, and visit our dedicated page for session reports.

30 April 2016: Issue 10 of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter is out. Download your copy.

31 March 2016: Issue 9 of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter is out. Download your copy.

1 March 2016: The training for assistant curators has started with the first of four webinars. The training will conclude end of April, with the final selection of assistant curators who will join the team in May.

29 February 2016: Issue 8 of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter is out. Download your copy.

31 January 2016: Our global team of curators for GIP Digital Watch observatory is growing! The call for applications for curators is now closed. Applicants will be contacted in the coming days.

28 September 2015: GIP Digital Watch has been launched. Read the press release: Geneva Internet Platform and the Internet Society launch Digital Watch, an online resource for critical Internet governance issues

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