2021 Conference on Cyber Norms

9 Nov 2021 - 11 Nov 2021

The Hague, The Netherlands

The Hague Programme for Cyber Norms will be hosting its annual academic conference focused on the themes of international crisis, conflict, and the politics of cyberspace. The 2021 edition of the Conference on Cyber Norms, called Governing through crisis. Conflict, crises and the politics of cyberspace. will take place in The Hague on 9 to 11 November.

It aims to bring together scholars from a diverse range of disciplines including – but not limited to – international relations, international law, economics, political economy, security studies, political sociology, philosophy, political science, science and technology studies and engineering. The key to understanding the development of norms in cyberspace lies in bringing together the various disciplines that relate to the theme in a broad sense.

For more information, please refer to the event webpage.