Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things Tour

30 Aug 2021


Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely used in various internet services. Search engines use AI to provide better search results, social media platforms rely on AI to automatically detect hate speech and other forms of harmful content, and online stores use AI to suggest products you are likely interested in based on your previous shopping habits. More complex forms of AI are used in manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, healthcare, and many other areas. Self-driving cars, programs able to recognise certain medical conditions with high accuracy, systems developed to track and predict the impact of weather conditions on crops – these all rely on AI technologies.

The ‘AI and IoT Tour’ will explore Geneva’s contribution to AI and IoT, and is part of 12 Tours to Navigate Geneva, a monthly series of discussions organised by the Geneva Internet Platform which navigates Geneva’s rich digital policy and cultural scene.

For more information, and to register visit the official page.



Event video