Big Data & AI: Actionable Insights Transforming European Healthcare

13 Sep 2021


The event is the final event of the BigMedilytics project, organised by INCLIVA and Philips, hosted under the theme ‘Big Data & AI: Actionable Insights Transforming European Healthcare’. The event will focus summarise the findings of the BigMedilytics project on the transformation of Europe’s healthcare sector through the use of big data and AI-driven solutions. 

Participants of the event will be presented with results from 12 real-life big data and AI pilots executed in a variety of healthcare settings across Europe. The goal is to showcase the challenges faced when rolling out such technologies at a larger scale, illustrating the benefits of a holistic approach that goes beyond just the technological aspects.

Along with technical and clinical aspects of the matter, dedicated sessions will focus on legal and ethical issues, privacy, innovation and appropriate business models.

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