Cyber Trends 2021

26 May 2021


The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) will host Cyber Trends 2021 online on 26 May.

The 5th edition will draw on the experience of industry practitioners, government representatives, and researchers to examine the current trends and what is on the horizon for the cybersecurity ecosystem, across the UK, and around the world. The discussion will consider the impact of the global pandemic on the current and future cyber scene, as new trends are appearing and transformative initiatives are taking place.

The agenda includes an overview of cybercrime activities of 2020 centered around Verizon’s annual DBIR report, two keynotes, with the central part of the event—a panel highlighting Domain Trust, a GCA initiative focused on identifying abuse in the domain name system to help address the global response against conventional e-crime.

Registration details and further information are available on the event webpage.