ENISA AI Cybersecurity Conference

7 Jun 2023

Brussels, Belgium and online

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) will be organising an ‘AI Cybersecurity Conference’ on 7 June 2023 in Brussels, Belgium and online.

The AI Cybersecurity conference aims to discuss the key aspects of securing AI systems and address challenges in implementing and supervising trustworthy AI. It brings together the AI cybersecurity community to share experiences, discuss initiatives and challenges in cybersecurity implementation, and promote cooperation for effective AI cybersecurity.

The conference will feature lightning talks, a panel discussion, and keynote speakers. The main topics of discussion on this year’s agenda are:

  • Generative AI – security paradigm shift;
  • Cybersecurity challenges and opportunities in AI chatbots;
  • Research and innovation needs and challenges for AI in cybersecurity. Road to innovation – a Cyber ‘Innovation’ reality check;
  • AI Act and cybersecurity requirements: AI legal and policy perspective;
  • Towards Secure AI Systems – Approach and Role of the German BSI;
  • The importance of leveraging AI for cybersecurity purposes and implications from the European industry perspective;
  • AI benchmarking – objective assessment of AI properties and their role in AI systems safety and security;
  • Cybersecurity certification and AI: security considerations and challenges;
  • Announcement of new ENISA AI publications.

For more information about the conference, please visit the dedicated web page.