Group of Governmental Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (GGE LAWS) – 2nd meeting of 2019

20 Aug 2019 - 21 Aug 2019

Geneva, Switzerland

The Group of Governmental Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (CCW GGE) will meet on 20-21 August 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The group was established following a decision taken in 2016 by the High Contracting Parties to the Convention on the Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects (Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons – CCW), and is mandated to examine issues related to emerging technologies in the area of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) in the context of the objectives and purposes of the CCW. 

The group has an open-ended nature, and is open to States parties and States signatories, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, and academic institutions. To find out how to register, visit the dedicated page.

The two-day meeting follows up on the first meeting of the year.

For more information about the CCW GGE visit the dedicated webpage.