ITU-T SG5 Meeting

13 Jun 2023 - 23 Jun 2023

Sophia Antipolis, France (TBC)​​​

The next meeting of ITU-T Study Group 5, ‘EMF, Environment, Climate Action, Sustainable Digitalization, and Circular Economy’ (SG5), will take place from 13 to 23 June 2023 in Sophia Antipolis, France. It will be held jointly with the ETSI’s Technical Committee of Environmental Engineering (ETSI/TC EE).

SG5 is responsible for developing international standards related to electromagnetic fields (EMF), the environment, climate action, sustainable digitalization, and the circular economy. Its work focuses on promoting the use of ICT for climate change adaptation and mitigation actions, adopting e-waste management systems, and facilitating the recovery and reuse of ICT equipment. The group collaborates with other standards bodies and relevant stakeholders to ensure its standards align with existing frameworks.