The special G20 event on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

28 Jul 2021

Genoa, Italy

As part of the special initiatives dedicated to the G20, the Italian G20 Presidency is organising an event on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics on 28 and 29 July in Genoa, Italy. The initiative is aimed at examining the current state of AI and robotics through an analysis commissioned from international scientists and representatives of Italian civil society.

On 28 July experts will gather under the theme of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the perspective of social challenges. The programme includes talks on engineering and machine intelligences, machine learning, economics and putting people first, among other topics.

On 29 July the talk Visioni del futuro. Intelligenza Artificiale e Robotica: dialogo tra scienza e società (Visions of the future. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: a dialogue between science and society) will be a debate on how Artificial Intelligence and robotics will influence our future, from the world of work to ethical matters, with an eye on space exploration as well as art – music in particular.

More information can be found on the official website.