Thematic Deep-Dive: Global digital commons

14 Jun 2023, 15:00h - 18:00h

Guiding questions:

  1. Which challenges in the domain of digital transformation can be addressed by strengthening “global digital commons”? What could a “global digital commons” approach entail – in terms of possible principles, values, and ideas? How should these principles influence the creation of “global digital commons” and their governance?
  2. Digital public goods (DPGs) and digital public infrastructures are increasingly part of countries’ digital transformations, including by promoting digital inclusion, as well as supporting other sectors such as health, environment, and education. What are the main challenges with regards to digital public infrastructure? How can the GDC contribute to the safety and inclusivity of digital public infrastructure and mitigate potential harm? How can the GDC contribute to strengthening the global DPG ecosystem and increase local adoption of DPGs?