Trade for Sustainable Development Forum 2021

27 Sep 2021


The International Trade Centre’s (ITC) Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) Forum 2021 will take place on 27 and 28 September, in conjunction with the WTO Public Forum 2021.

Under the theme “Sustainable Trade: the Heart of the Post-COVID Global Economy”, the Forum will explore the status of the sustainability agenda in the context of the Post-COVID world, and the role of sustainability standards in building forward better. This hybrid event will convene a wide range of stakeholders from the trade and development community, including small business owners, high-level government officials, policy makers and inspiring changemakers. 

 Objectives of the Forum:

  • Analyse the patterns from the rise of sustainability standards pre-COVID
  • Discuss the impact of the COVID crisis on the governance of global value chains, standards and sustainability at large
  • Identify key aspects of the role of global value chains, standards and sustainability in “building forward better” post-COVID, with a focus on ensuring producers get a fairer share of the pie
  • Help governments, financial institutions, small businesses, buyers & retailers make informed decisions on sustainability and trade related issues post-COVID
  • Look into the crystal ball and explore the future of standards

More information is available on the event webpage.