World Bank Spring Meetings

12 Apr 2023


The World Bank is hosting a public discussion led by ministers and global experts to address practical approaches to the governance issue, as outlined in the report, ‘The Future of Government: A call to Action’, on 12 April 2023. Said report describes the present state of our world as being at an inflection point, given Covid 19, Climate Change and Conflicts, and encourages national governments to first redraft the existing social contract with citizens by first reconsidering: their role, the delivery of public goods, ways to be more productive and how to build trust with their citizenry, all to realise positive change. The report spotlights innovation and technology as precursory opportunities for change, notably in building trust and delivering public goods. The 12 April meeting promises to address practical ways governments, in partnership with The World Bank and other stakeholders, can use these and other opportunities to drive change in support of all, but in particular, the most vulnerable.