WTO Public Forum 2018

2 Oct 2018 - 4 Oct 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

Session reports

Event report

The main theme of the WTO public Forum 2018 was “Trade 2030” with the sub-themes being: sustainable trade,technology-enabled trade, and more inclusive trading system.The GIP reported from the forum, on 2-4 OCtober 2018, from sessions related to digital policy.

Acess the following resources:

  • The Summary report published on 16 Octobar 2018;
  • Session reports from the meeting

[Update] The Summary Report is now available.
Download to read a thematic summary of the discussions related to digital policy.

The WTO Public Forum is an annual event which provides a platform for discussing the latest developments in world trade and promotes ways to enhance the multilateral trading system. Over 1500 representatives from civil society, academia, business, media, governments, parliamentarians and inter-governmental organisations annually gather at the event.

The main theme of the 2018 edition of the WTO Public Forum will be ‘Trade 2030’ with the sub-themes being: sustainable trade, technology-enabled trade, and a more inclusive trading system.

The event will be held on 2-4 October 2018; registrations are open until 16 September 2018.

For more information, visit the event webpage