Meet the people behind the Digital Watch Observatory

Alicia Shepherd-Vega

Ms Alicia Shepherd-Vega is an educator, researcher, and policy analyst. Her work with the Digital Watch Observatory began last year and she continues to work with the sociocultural and development baskets as an expert in online education.

Amrita Choudhury

Ms Amrita Choudhury is Director of CCAOI; President of Internet Society India, Delhi Chapter; and Asia Pacific Lead of SIG Women. She is an active member and contributor at national, regional, and global Internet governance (IG) platforms.

Anastasiya Kazakova

Anastasiya Kazakova is a cyber diplomacy knowledge fellow at DiploFoundation, focusing on cyber conflict, cybercrime, and cybersecurity topics. Anastasiya also implements the Geneva Dialogue on Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace.

Andrija Bulatović

Mr Andrija Bulatović has been navigating the world of journalism, editing, and content writing for the past 12 years. His journey began as a sports journalist, a role he passionately held for over six years.

Andrijana Gavrilović

Ms Andrijana Gavrilović is Head of Diplomatic and Policy Reporting at DiploFoundation and an Editor of the GIP Digital Watch. Andrijana has been coordinating diplomatic and policy reporting at Diplo since 2019.

Anita Lamprecht

Dr Anita Lamprecht is an international lawyer and researcher currently based in Geneva. After a career in litigation and arbitration, Anita has shifted her focus on the legal implications of digital technologies, internet governance, and the facilitation of technology to improve access to justice.

Arvin Kamberi

An expert in remote participation, Mr Arvin Kamberi heads up Diplo’s Webinar Team. Based in Belgrade, he has been working on webinars and other web-based remote participation since 2011.

Bilel Tabbane

Mr Bilel Tabbane is a European Union Economic Law graduate interested in AI and technology law. He previously worked as a junior legal associate at a business law firm.

Bojana Kovač

Ms Bojana Kovač holds an LLM in Public International Law from Utrecht University and an LLB in International and European Law from the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Bojana joined Diplo in 2022, and from April 2023, she has been a basket coordinator and researcher for the Digital Watch Observatory, focusing on human rights, legal and regulatory topics, and the Ad Hoc Committee on Cybercrime process.

Boris Begović

Mr Boris Begović serves as the coordinator for the Technology and assisting Infrastructure Baskets of the Digital Watch Observatory. He joined the Digital Watch Observatory in October 2021, and has been covering digital and cyber aspects of the Ukraine conflict since.