RSF calls Argentinian presidential candidates to enhance media freedom and independence

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) present proposals to upcoming Argentinian leadership, in order enhance media freedom and journalistic independence.

flag of Argentina

As Argentina approaches its upcoming presidential election, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) urges the five candidates to adopt ten key proposals to strengthen media freedom and protect journalistic independence.

Despite forty years of uninterrupted democracy in Argentina, the next president must prioritize these values, media diversity, and reliable journalism, RSF claims.

RSF proposes that the legislation adapts to the digital landscape, particularly in terms of responsibilities on online platforms, and fights against online censorship for content moderation, marketing, or sale of space purposes. RSF also stressed the need for digital education and accountability to be implemented through digital education policies and strategies against online harassment and disinformation.

The RSF proposal also includes points to the president committing to defending the freedom of the press by avoiding vilifying certain media outlets or using legal means to retaliate for specific media reporting or opinions. RSF also urges national policies to shield press freedom from local political interference, and laws regarding access to state-held information should be upheld. Moreover, RSF also advocates for preventing police intimidation, enabling internet and telecommunications access for all citizens, ensuring that public media maintains independence from governmental influence and represents diversity, promoting media diversity, and establishing independent regulatory bodies that are socially, politically, geographically, and economically diverse.

Why does it matter?

Media freedom and journalistic independence are vital for Argentina’s democratic consolidation. The Freedom House found in 2022 that while Argentina guarantees freedom of expression and bans official censorship, media is often found to favor the government, thus losing its independence. In addition, it was found that journalists have faced harassment and charges concerning their investigative work. Therefore, implementing the RSF proposal are imperative to ensure safe and free media in the country.