Geneva Digital Atlas

Sustainable Development

The 2030 Agenda and the 17 cross-cutting SDGs underpin the work of all International Geneva actors from health and humanitarian to the environment. Geneva actors capitalise on a wide range of digital and AI tools to achieve the SDGs and address policy challenges. 

The SDG Lab at the UN Office at Geneva (UNOG) is a focal point dedicated to facilitating SDG-related activities in the International Geneva community. It holds workshops, promotes knowledge exchanges, and produces commentaries and reports that enable actors to leverage data and digital technologies in attaining the SDGs. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) ‘Connect 2030 Agenda’ further outlines concrete goals pivoting the organisation towards helping member states make the best use of ICTs to close the digital divide and advance the SDGs. On the more grassroots side, the Geneva Foundation for Technology Innovation (FONGIT) supports local tech start-ups that directly or indirectly contribute to the SDGs through their work.