Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2015 – Brazil

9 Nov 2015 - 13 Nov 2015

João Pessoa

Session reports

Event report

In November 2015, the observatory participated extensively in the 10th Internet Governance Forum in Brazil, and developed the following resources:

IGF 2015 logo 300Your guide throughout #IGF2015…

IGF Summary

IGF Summary

cover IGF summary report

IGF Daily

Issue No. 4 of IGF Daily

IGF2015 daily04

Issue No. 3 of IGF Daily

IGF2015 daily03

Issue No. 2 of IGF Daily

IGF2015 daily02

Issue No. 1 of IGF Daily

IGF2015 daily01

IGF Selfie

IGF Selfie – Day 0

DAY 00

IGF Selfie – Day 1

DAY 01

IGF Selfie – Day 2 IGF Selfie – Day 3
DAY 02 DAY 03
IGF Selfie – Day 4
DAY 04

From Diplo Creative Lab

[NewIGF 2015 Concepts Summary: relevance of IG Issues computed from the IGF 2015 session transcripts

Based on 84 available raw session transcripts from

Figure 1

[NewIGF 2015 Concepts Summary: top relevant IG Issues in the IGF 2015 associative paths

Based on 84 available raw session transcripts from

Figure 2 1

[NewIGF 2015 Prefix Monitor Summary: IG characteristic prefix usage in the IGF 2015 relative to IGF 2006-2014 baseline

Based on 84 available raw session transcripts from

Figure 3 1

[NewIGF 2015 Social Media Summary: Twitter WordCloud, UserCloud, and HashCloud

Based on 17,100 relevant tweets as returned from Twitter Search API querried from R package TwitteR.

Figure 4c

Figure 4b

Figure 4a

IGF 2015 Day 3: IGF 2015 Towards the WSIS+10

IGFDaily No4 Page3EDIT

IGF 2015 Day 2: Tweeter activity and #hashtags IGF 2015  Nov 09 – Nov 11

IGFDaily No3 Page3LEFTIGFDaily No3 Page3RIGHT 

IGF 2015 Day 2: Prefix monitoring.

IGFDaily Day3 Page1 PMon

IGF 2015 Day 1: IG issues associative paths.

IGFDay1 Assosiations 0

Relevant IG Issues and Prefix monitoring: Dynamic Coalition on Child Safety

 Figure 2 2

IGF2015 Dynamic Coalition on Child Safety

Most representative IG issues in the Session

 Figure 6a1 1

Prefix monitoring: Dynamic Coalition on Child Safety

IGF2015 Online Media Coverage

Top hits from the Google News queried by “IGF 2015” were submitted to text-mining analyses.

The following wordcloud presents the most frequently used IG specific words.

IGF 2015 Online Media Coverage: WordCloud







The following two graphs present the relative importance of different IG issues and IG baskets in the online media coverage of the IGF 2015.

IG IssuesIG Baskets

In online media, the prefixes “digital” and “net” are proportionaly used more often than they were used in the IGF 2006-2014. The prefixes “cyber” and “online” are used less frequently in the media coverage of the IGF 2015 relative to their usage in the IGF sessions 2006-2014. There is almost no difference in the usage of the prefix “e-” in media and the IGF.

Prefixes monitoringTop prefixed words

Sentiment analysis: by tracking the presence of emotionaly charged words in the online media coverage of the IGF 2015 we have concluded that the 10th IGF meeting is most often represented in a positive context.

Sentiment analysis

Keywords categorisation: computational analysis have revealed the structure of similarity among the automatically extracted keywords from online media reporting on the IGF 2015.


[Government Representatives Map WorldNew] Geolocalisation of government representatives

Governments are among the stakeholders convening at the 10th IGF. Which countries are they representing and how large are their delegations? Click on the world map to find out, or click on the regional maps for Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Government Representatives Map Africa thumbGovernment Representatives Map Asia thumbGovernment Representatives Map Australia thumbGovernment Representatives Map Europe thumbGovernment Representatives Map North America thumb 0Government Representatives Map South America thumb



The Internet and Death

Typically, discussion about death is culturally sensitive. This was confirmed by a debate in culturaly diverse CreativeLab of DiploFoundation. An invitation to provide metaphors explaining the Internet and death (visualisaiton of the IGF session on Digital Legacy) triggered a very interesting conceptual, philosophial and cultural discussion. It resulted in the following interesting visualisation.

rodjendan death 1 Death2 Death3 Death4

Prefix Monitor

For background on information the use of prefixes in digital policy you can consult Dr Jovan Kurbalija’s blog post on Huffington Post TECH: ‘Security is Cyber. Development is Digital‘.

[NEW] Prefix Monitor IGF 2006 – 2015 Overview

PrefixTemporal2006 15

Prefix Monitor IGF 2015 Summary (10 – 13 November)

Figure 3 0

Prefix Monitor for Day 3 (12 November)

Figure 6a1 24

Prefix Monitor for Day 2 (11 November)

Figure 6a1 20

Prefix Monitor for Day 1 (10 November)

Figure 6a1 7

Consider the usage of characteristically prefixed terms in the session transcripts of the IGF 2006-2014 (data are based on 614 available session transcripts).

Prefixes IGF 2006 2014

Diplo Creative Lab has conducted a text-mining analysis of the online media coverage of the 10th IGF on Day 0.

In comparison to the findings from the IGF 2006-2014, prefixes “net” and “digital” are used more often in the news.

The data are obtained from querying Google News with “IGF 2015” on Day 0 and collecting the top hits.

Figure 6a

An overview of the most frequently used prefixed IG terms and their similarity.

Figure 6d

Team Behind the IGF 2015 Reporting

diplo team map

DiploFoundation in collaboration with the Internet Society has added another layer to GIP Digital Watch: integrated reporting from the Internet Governance
Forum (IGF). The experiment addressed the challenge of navigating through parallel sessions and numerous activities at the IGF. Our appreciation goes to
IGF Daily’s reporters for their dedication:

Internet Society IGF ambassadors: Amanda Soares Kemmer (Brazil), Argyro Karanasiou (Greece), Arsene Tungali (Democratic Republic of Congo), Ashell
Forde (Barbados), Evelyn Namara (Uganda), Grace Mutung’u (Kenya), Krishna Kumar Rajamannar (India), Lianna Galstyan (Armenia), Maureen Hernandez
(Venezuela), Mwendwa Kivuva (Kenya), Suprita Lnu (India), Michael Oghia (United States), Maria Paola Pérez (Venezuela), Mohit Saraswat (United Arab
Diplo colleagues and friends present at the IGF 2015: Patrick Curry (UK), Radek Bejdak (Czech Republic), Samantha Dickinson (Australia), Virginia Paque (USA),
Vladimir Radunovic (Serbia)
Diplo rapporteurs online: Arvin Kamberi (Serbia), Barbara Rosen Jacobson (Netherlands), Stephanie Borg Psaila (Malta)
Diplo editors: Hannah Slavik (Romania), Marianna Drake (UK), Mary Murphy (Hungary), Stephanie Borg Psaila (Malta)
Diplo’s CreativeLab team (Serbia): Aleksandar Nedeljkov, Ana Trifunovic, Goran Milovanovic, Milica Virijevic Konstantinovic, Mina
Mudric, Viktor Mijatovic, Vladimir Veljasevic
Coordination: Tereza Horejsova, director project development of DiploFoundation, coordinator of the Geneva Internet Platform

Concept and Management: Jovan Kurbalija, director of DiploFoundation, head of the Geneva Internet Platform



Diplo and GIP @ IGF 2015

The IGF schedule is packed with important discussions. We invite you to join us for the following workshops:

  • Introducing GIP Digital Watch – Tuesday, 10th November, 10 – 11 am
  • Building Internet Observatories: approaches and challenges (WS 169) – Thursday, 12th November, 2 – 3:30 pm
  • A Dialogue on “Zero rating” and Network Neutrality (Main session) – Thursday, 12th November, 2 – 4 pm
  • WGIG + 10 (WS 50) – Thursday, 12th November, 2 – 4 pm
  • Geneva Internet Platform and DiploFoundation: ideas, words and actions (Open Forum) – Thursday, 12th November, 4 – 5.30 pm
  • Viable application & debate: online participation principles (WS 27) – Thursday, 12th November, 4 – 5.30 pm
  • Role of Women in IGF in the Past, the Present and the Future (WS 271) – Thursday, 12th November, 4 – 5.30 pm
  • IGF beyond 2015: Extend mandate, strengthen institution (WS 82) – Friday, 13th November, 9 – 10.30 am
  • Cybersecurity, human rights and Internet business triangle (WS 172) – Friday, 13th November, 2 – 3.30 pm

Learn more about each workshop and event.

Visit DiploFoundation/Geneva Internet Platform’s booth throughout the week, for news and updates on major Diplo projects (IGF Report, the Geneva Internet Platform, GIP Digital Watch, monthly briefings, data mining, capacity development activities, and more). A limited number of IG-related publications – including the latest issue of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter, and the IG Acronyms book, will be available. The Diplo/GIP booth will also serve as an informal – and traditional – meeting place for alumni and associates.

Are you a Diplo student or alumnus, or a member of