WSIS+10 2nd Preparatory Meeting

20 Oct 2015 - 22 Oct 2015

[Update] Intense debates on the Zero Draft took place during the second preparatory meeting. The debates centred on the IGF extension, enhanced cooperation, support for multistakeholder model vs multilateral model, cybersecurity, a framework for Internet governance, funding mechanisms, and more. A second draft of the outcome document is expected to be published in November. The Zero Draft, published on 9 October 2015, introduced some new elements (such as a reference to net neutrality), while strenghtening some existing formulations  (such as emphasis on development, and a more prominent role for governments). Consult the analysis of the Zero Draft by Dr Jovan Kurbalija.  The Zero Draft was open for comments until 30 October 2015. See our dedicated page on the WSIS+10 process for more details.

The 2nd Preparatory Meeting of the WSIS+10 will be held in New York City 20-22 October, following the Informal Interactive Stakeholder Consultations on 19 October.

The summary of the key messages and proposals from the Informal Interactive Stakeholders Consultation on the Overall Review by the General Assembly of the Implementation of the Outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society is now available.

As part of the planning processes for the 10-year review of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), the United Nations is convening Informal Interactive Stakeholder Consultations. The first meeting was held on 2 July 2015 and the second is being planned for 19 October 2015, in New York, USA, in which the contributions of the ‘non-paper’ document will be discussed.

See the WSIS+10 Preparatory Process Roadmap for a complete list of meeting dates.