2019 China-Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Summit explores opportunities for partnerships and knowledge sharing between African and China

The 2019 China-Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Summit investigated how China and Africa could uphold the global development agenda of digital financial inclusion (DFI) through building partnerships, sharing knowledge, and promoting investments. ‘By providing financing to individuals, financial inclusion can make people actively involved in economic activities, enhance their sense of involvement and level of happiness,’ noted president of Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion (CAFI) Bei Duoguang. During the summit, top Chinese digital financial inclusion organisations showcased some DFI cases in China. The summit was also seen as a platform for Chinese policymakers to understand the financial inclusion landscape in Kenya and other African countries to identify some business and investment opportunities and to advocate financial services for social development. ‘African countries have also explored a lot in this field, such as mobile payment and correspondent banking. It is of great realistic significance for experts and scholars from China and Africa to gather here in Africa, exchange perspectives and learn from each other on digital inclusive finance,’ said President of National Internet Finance Association of China Li Dongrong.